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Sinus tarsi syndrome is characterized by a deep aching, throbbing, or sharp pain within the sinus tarsi that may be associated with a sense of rearfoot instability. Although not always recalled, a previous sprain or other injury is often an inciting event. Patients most often present with a complaint of “ankle” pain, when in reality the pain is emanating from the subtalar area. However, when asked to identify the site of maximal tenderness, patients often point directly to the sinus tarsi region. At times, pain may involve «the anterior and or lateral ankle as well, although this pain is less intense. The perception of ankle symptoms may be secondary to previous trauma, referred pain, or an altered gait in an attempt to reduce pain.
The symptoms are aggravated by weight-bearing activities, especially during ambulation on uneven surfaces, and they usually improve or resolve with rest. Swelling 'may or may not be present, and a subtle fullness may go unnoticed. A sense of hindfoot instability is often reported. This may be secondary to the previous disruption of the ligamentous and neurovascular structures within the sinus tarsi and about the subtalar joint.

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