Molly S. Judge DPM, FACFAS

Diabetic Foot & Ankle Deformities

Understanding The Changes


Early identification of acute Charcot in diabetic patient is important and surgical treatment can be safe and reliable. The majority of Charcot's feet develop from a combination of several factors. These factors include: chronic elevation of blood glucose; the development of AGEs; and the progression of contractures that increase plantar forces and can eventually exceed the strength of collagenous structures in the foot.
These factors can lead to structural failure and joint collapse.
Early recognition of contractures and appropriate surgical treatment can prevent significant progression of the Charcot process. Granted, there is still much to be learned concerning the diagnosis, treatment, and management of Charcot's foot.

Here are references from Dr. Judges work on Diabetic Foot & Ankle Deformities

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Molly S. Judge DPM, FACFAS

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