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Why Laser Nail Therapy?


Why Laser Nail Therapy

Why Laser Nail Therapy

This wavelength can aggressively treat vascular lesions, spider veins, warts, pigmented lesions, hypertrophied scars, and much more.

Throughout my career, my practice has been dedicated to tackling challenging and intricate cases, often involving surgeries with less-than-ideal outcomes that other physicians might have shied away from. Academic pursuits constitute the other half of my practice. However, there's a specific niche within my practice that holds significant importance due to its unique and often overlooked nature – Laser treatment for fungal nails and other nail deformities.
Unlike many facilities that treat this as a quick and superficial process, we approach this treatment with a level of care and quality that sets us apart.
Most physicians tend to view nail treatments as less significant compared to their broader medical work. Consequently, many places bill for the service but don't administer it with the attention it truly requires. The intricacies of laser treatment for nail issues are extensive. The consultation for treatment options is comprehensive, patient education goes beyond what one might imagine, and securing patient commitment for long-term management is a substantial aspect of our approach.

Common Podiatric Indications

    Fungal Nails Warts
    Spider Veins Scar revision
    Pigmented lesions Vascular lesions and Much MORE!

Additional FDA Approved Indications For Use Include:

1. For incision, excision, ablation, and vaporization of soft tissue and nails.
2. The 1 0 6 4 m wavelength is indicated for:
• Dark ink tattoo removal.• Lesions of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.• Clear nail growth.• Skin resurfacing with or without adjuvant preparation.
3. The 532 nm wavelength is indicated for:
• Removal of light ink (red, tan, purple and orange) tattoos.• Treatment of common nevi.• Treatment of café-au-lait spots.• Treatment of seborrheic keratoses.• Treatment of vascular lesions, including fascial and leg veins, telangiectasias, angiomas, hemangiomas, port wine stains, and most pigmented lesions (e.g. lentigines, and ephelides).

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